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At Playback Nigeria, we believe in the transforming power of art. we believe that art has the power to heal, transform individuals, build communities and change the world.
Be it climate change, women empowerment, sexual reproductive health, ending FGM and GBV, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Terrorism and War, Education and other developmental issues, art has its role and place, that is the gap we want to fill.
Playback Nigeria is dedicated to using interactive art for healing, psychosocial support, community interaction, enhancement, development and capacity building.

Our interventions include work in transitional justice, human rights, refugee and immigrant support, disaster recovery, climate change, conflict resolution, water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), good governance and development.

"Playback Nigeria is doing something totally new in Nigeria. The art innovation will save a lot of lives and help people connect with their emotions"


First established under the name Theatre for Advocacy in year 2002, Playback Nigeria built on its uniqueness in using art for social transformation and got its name after including Playback Theatre as one of its major methodologies on the 24th of JUNE 2015.

In 2 years (2015 – 2017) re-strategizing to include alternative therapy and social engagement, Playback Nigeria Logohas become the leading art-based organization promoting mental health awareness, working on disaster recovery, transformation and healing in Nigeria.
Our interventions include work in transitional justice, human rights, refugee and immigrant support, disaster recovery, climate change, conflict resolution, water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), good governance and development.


    We recognize the healing and transforming power art: Theatre, Drama, Process, and Storytelling. Playback Nigeria creates safe spaces where art can be actively used for alternative therapy, mental health support, community engagement, social transformation and narrative therapy

    To achieve this:

    • We run interventions that support narrative therapy and promoting the culture of listening
    • We render (art-based) psychosocial support, recreational activity for communities and groups in need of interventions, mental health support and healing.
    • We organize regular workshops and interventions to address social issues using applied drama methods of active learning.
    • We organize annual theatre for advocacy performances to address current issues in the society.
    • We organize an annual interdisciplinary conference to reinvent the bridges between Art, Psychology, Sociology and Social Change towards social transformation.

    We practice a number of interactive theatre methods that help us do our work and attend to our community of clients. These methods include:

    • Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed; Forum Theatre, Image Theatre
    • Applied Drama Methodology
    • Theatre for Advocacy
    • Playback Theatre – this method is based on the principle of storytelling as a form of healing. We believe that in the process of sharing personal narratives, people find meaning in their life and get healed. Playback Nigeria provides platforms to be heard and listened to. Stories are honored and valued.

    The primary aim of Playback Nigeria is to:

    • Use alternative art therapy and interactive art in building communities from within.
    • Use our psychosocial support framework help to engage survivors of disasters including; conflicts, abuse, accidents, terrorist attacks and abduction in Nigeria.
    • Use our performances, which can sometimes be therapeutic in nature, to address different social issues. Art has proven to be a useful tool for alternative therapy if well utilized, especially in post-conflict situations.
    • Playback Nigeria Theatre Company

          Playback Nigeria Theatre Company works with volunteer actors to take performances to communities. This company  

    • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support
    • Child Media Development
    • We work with and within communities in need of intervention at different stages. These communities include:
      • Schools / Students
      • Internally Displaced Persons
      • Corporate Organizations
      • Hospices
      • Townships and Rural communities
      • Prisons and Rehabilitation Centers.
    1. Encouraging conversation on psychosocial, health and developmental issues using theatre and art as a platform.
    2. Providing a measurable therapeutic intervention for survivors of attacks to go through psychological healing from PTSD.
    3. Enabling survivors of disasters to integrate back into society by providing a safe space for debriefing and enactment of personal narratives.

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