We believe that everyone has a story, as healing comes through personal narratives (Alexander & Michelle, 2015), hence our dedication to exploring the healing power of arts to help everyday people deal with life as it comes.

The culture of silence has caused more harm, a major cause for depression and anxiety which sometimes leads to suicidal thoughts of the actual action. Different people have everyday occurrence, however they lack a trusted and listening ear, to address this, Playback Nigeria partnered with US Based Urban Confessional to introduce the globally allaimed talking therapy called ‘Free Listening’

We work with, and with train people across Nigeria who acts as volunteer listeners in public spaces (with a sign ‘YOU CAN TALK TO ME’ etc.) to listen to those stories that are hardly told by people.
Research shows that interventions like FREE LISTENING is an important part of treatment for depression or bipolar disorder, it can help all sorts of people in lots of different situations cope with life.
We envisage that this project will help address mental wellness and mental health issues in Nigeria.


Interested in Volunteering for FREE LISTENING project? Send a whatsapp message to 08038288609 with your state details.